• Why a Smile Makeover Could Improve Your Life

    on Apr 13th, 2017

There’s that old saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” At no other time in history has this saying been truer. In an age of information overload, fewer and fewer people are spending time wading through details and are instead looking at or sharing images. It’s safe to say we’re a very visual culture that makes quick assessments in order to keep the day going. So, if a picture is everything, don’t you want to look your best in one?

Your smile means a lot

Do you find yourself hiding your smile in pictures? Perhaps you opt for the tight-lipped, closed smile that looks more like a forced grin than a sign of being jovial. Maybe you prefer to give a more relaxed, slight smirk to the camera to appear more natural but still able to suppress your teeth. No matter what your tactic is for ensuring the image of your teeth isn’t saved in perpetuity, you are depriving yourself of a few things. For one, surely you’d love to smile fully and naturally because it feels good. A genuine smile can bolster one’s feelings of self-worth, increase esteem, and is actually good for you health wise.

If feeling good isn’t enough to persuade you of the benefits of a healthy smile, let’s look at something all of us think about with regularity, the bottom line, or, the almighty dollar. The Ladders, a networking and job search site for professionals making over $100,000 a year, lists not smiling as one of the factors that make a profile picture ineffectual if not detrimental when looking for new opportunities. Similar findings have been found when it comes to your Facebook profile picture as well.

All of this is to say that you’re unnecessarily putting yourself through hardship if you are leaving your smile in a less than satisfactory state. Aesthetic dentistry, or a smile makeover if you prefer, can improve your life a great deal if you decide to speak to your dentist about the variety of procedures available.

Here is what a smile makeover could look like for you.

What makes up a smile makeover?

Aesthetic dentistry as an umbrella term can cover multiple procedures used in conjunction to give your smile a makeover. Combined, you’ll look like a new person. But, a note on some terminology. You may also have heard of full mouth reconstruction. While this is another multi-step procedure, the end goals of smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction are quite different. Full mouth reconstruction would be the better option if you’re suffering from traumatic injury or disease which has rendered your mouth unhealthy. A smile makeover is cosmetic in nature.

Teeth whitening

Any effective aesthetic dentistry procedure should include teeth whitening since one of the most common complaints people have about their teeth is the color. While chipped or crooked teeth may seem like a more serious issue, there is quite a bit of value both socially and professionally in having whitened teeth. While you can certainly buy do it yourself whitening kits from your local drugstore, they don’t come close to a professional treatment as far as safety or efficacy. The whitening materials your dentist has access to is more powerful than the ones sold in any kit.

Teeth straightening

Of course, while having whitened teeth is nice, having straight teeth is just as essential to a great smile. That’s why so many of us went through a period of time having braces in our adolescent years. However, if the proper maintenance isn’t performed, our teeth can shift back to their crooked state over the years. Luckily, you won’t need to experience those wire braces this go around. Invisalign makes straightening your teeth unobtrusive. These see-through plastic aligners generally take about a year to give you the smile that you’re after. Don’t worry about being self-conscious. They’re hard to see and you’ll get accustomed to them quickly.

Crowns and veneers

While not new procedures by any means, crowns and veneers are still the best way to deal with cracked, chipped or otherwise imperfect teeth. They are often used in conjunction with one another to treat different areas of your mouth. If your teeth that need work are in the front, veneers are a good solution because they are a covering designed just to take care of the outward facing surfaces of your teeth. Crowns are typically used in the back to cover damaged molars. These teeth are the more “functional” ones so a whole crown makes more sense. Both are porcelain and look like your natural teeth.


Your smile is worth so much. That’s why it’s important to get the best care that you can. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. The team at Confident is here to ensure that you look and feel your best.

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