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Regular dental cleaning is an essential part of good oral health. The dental team at CONFIDENT is ready to help Miami, Florida patients keep their smiles clean, bright and beautiful.

Dental Cleaning Q & A


What Is a Dental Cleaning?

The team at CONFIDENT believes that regular dental care is essential to maintaining dental health. The dentists and hygienists at CONFIDENT are well known in communities in and around Miami for their sensitive and thorough provision of dental cleanings includes the removal of plaque and tartar on the teeth. While patients can remove plaque themselves with regular brushing, tartar is hardened plaque that can only be removed with special dental instruments during a cleaning. Tartar can develop both above and beneath the gums so both are cleaned during the dental cleaning. After the plaque and tartar are removed, the registered dental hygienist will polish the teeth as well. Polished teeth are much less hospitable environments for bacteria buildup, which makes it easier for patients to keep their newly cleaned teeth in good shape.

What About Dental Cleaning for Gum Disease Patients?

Some patients may have moderate to serious gum disease and a deeper dental cleaning may be required in these cases. In a deep dental cleaning, both teeth scaling and root planing can be done on the areas with signs of gum disease. Deep cleanings do require more time than standard dental cleanings, but they allow for the resolution of serious issues like large quantities of tartar buildup. Sometimes this kind of deep cleaning may be needed to protect the roots of the teeth.

How Often Are Dental Cleanings Needed?

Patients should have dental cleanings done yearly in most cases. For people with chronic or persistent periodontal disease, two or more dental cleanings each year may be recommended.

How Can Patients Keep Their Newly Cleaned Teeth Healthy?

To keep teeth in the best shape, brush twice each day, making sure to access every single tooth in the mouth. Daily flossing is also important, as it will remove bacteria from the crevices between the gums and teeth. If patients make good oral health a priority, they will have shorter teeth cleaning sessions since there will be much less plaque and tartar for the hygienist to remove.

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