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A dental emergency can strike Miami, Florida residents at any time, so it is important to have a dentist who knows how to handle these situations. The team at CONFIDENT has the skills and knowledge to deal with even the toughest and most urgent dental emergencies.

Dental Emergency Q & A


When Is Dental Emergency Care Available?

Dental emergency care is available during all office hours. If patients have an emergency of any type, they are urged to contact the office immediately so that the office staff can prepare to help them immediately upon arrival. Dr. Seage and the team at CONFIDENT are known as one of the best practice to provide emergency dental care in the Miami area. 

How Can a Dental Emergency Be Recognized?

It can sometimes be challenging to recognize a dental emergency. The simplest rule of thumb to follow is that if it seems like it might be a dental emergency, it probably is. Patients who feel unsure about whether a situation is truly an emergency or not should call the dental offices to talk to the staff, so they can provide support and guidance.

What Are Some Frequent Dental Emergencies?

One of the most common dental emergencies is a dislodged or shifted tooth after an accident or collision. Other commonly seen emergency situations at the dentist’s office include broken teeth, cracked teeth, excessive bleeding from the gums and serious swelling in the mouth. There are also sometimes dental emergencies arising from patients chewing on non-food items. For example, a person may try to tear a plastic container open with their teeth, only to get a piece of plastic lodged tightly in their gums.

What Should Patients Do If a Tooth Is Knocked Out?

When a tooth is knocked out, it does not necessarily mean the permanent loss of that tooth. Immediately retrieve the tooth, making sure not to touch any part of the exposed roots. It is fine to rinse the tooth in lukewarm water, but don’t attempt to clean it in any other way. Place the tooth in a glass of milk (regular cow’s milk) and immediately take it to the dentist’s office. The milk has the natural preservatives that can keep the tooth roots alive for as long as an hour. If the patient gets to the dentist with the tooth immediately, it is possible that the tooth can be safely implanted again.

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