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Many residents of Miami, Florida are embarrassed by their Halitosis (bad breath). This chronic problem can be eliminated with the help of bad breath treatment from the highly skilled and experienced dentists at CONFIDENT.

Halitosis Q & A


Is Halitosis (Bad Breath) a Common Problem?

Yes, in fact, bad breath is thought to impact millions of people, both children, and adults. The dentists and hygienists at CONFIDENT provide effective treatments to address this embarrassing concern. Bad breath is so common that there are virtually endless types of breath mints, breath freshening strips, breath sprays and other temporary solutions sold today. The primary problem with these solutions is that they only last for a matter of minutes, but patients naturally want a permanent solution. Chronic bad breath requires help from the dentist.

Why Does Bad Breath Happen?

Bad breath typically happens because of bacteria in the mouth. Countless tiny microorganisms live in the mouth lining and on the tongue. This bacteria flourishes when exposed to food particles, something that happens multiple times each day when a person eats. If the bacteria isn’t consistently eradicated with excellent oral care, it will multiply. When it multiplies in areas that are hard to reach, for example, the very back of the tongue, the odor of decay (also known as bad breath) will emerge. Other reasons for bad breath may include smoking, dry mouth, and certain medications.

How Can Bad Breath Be Treated?

A dental exam is the first step in eradicating bad breath for good. The dentist can perform an in-depth examination that will reveal exactly why the problem is present. With this knowledge, an effective treatment plan can be designed. A professional dental cleaning is often enough to resolve bad breath. Sometimes, the dentist may recommend other resolutions like gum disease treatment or tooth decay treatment. No matter what the cause of the bad breath, there is no reason that a person has to continue living with it. Patients who get help from the dentist will often be able to permanently resolve their bad breath problem as long as they maintain consistent and careful dental care on their own afterward.

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