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Laser Dental Treatment Specialist
Laser dental treatment is a high-tech technique that allows for less pain and easier healing after dental procedures. The Miami, Florida dental team at CONFIDENT are have expert training and uniquely thorough experience in using laser technology to help patients with a variety of dental concerns.

Laser Dental Treatment Q & A


What Are Dental Lasers Used for?

Dental lasers are frequently used in several different dental procedures. The team at CONFIDENT has embraced this innovative technology to provide uniquely effective treatments to their patients. Lasers may be used during dental implant surgery, gum disease treatments or mouth biopsies. They can also be used to assist in the removal of mouth lesions and in the treatment of cold sores or ulcers on or in the mouth. With lasers growing more advanced every day, it is now possible to work on any area of the mouth with a laser. Both hard tissue and soft tissue dental issues can be treated effectively and reliably with dental lasers today.

How Does the Dental Laser Work?

The dental laser works by sending extremely focused light beams into the areas of the mouth that need treatment. Lasers can be used on any of the tissues in the mouth. They are extremely helpful to dentists as the lasers allow them to perform procedures with the highest degree of precision possible.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Laser Treatments?

Dental lasers are becoming a leading option for dental treatments for several different reasons. Laser procedures can often be done without the need for anesthesia because they don’t cause pain for the patient. Many dentists are also finding that laser treatment is an extremely effective way to manage gum disease, one that can be faster than other methods. When patients have dental laser treatments, they frequently experience considerably less discomfort during the healing process, and the healing process itself is often much faster. Patients who have dental laser treatments typically have much less bleeding, and, in fact, excess blood is extremely rare during laser treatments. Some procedures such as a root canal procedure once had to be performed by oral surgeons, but thanks to dental lasers, they can often be done much more quickly and easily in the dentist’s office.

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