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For Miami, Florida patients who suffer from damaged teeth, Porcelain Crowns may be a beautiful and natural-looking solution. The dentists at CONFIDENT can help patients deal with even the most difficult teeth issues.

Porcelain Crowns Q & A


What Is a Porcelain Crown?

A crown is a cap that acts as a cover for the entire surface of the tooth. Crowns are restoration devices, as they bring the tooth back to its original appearance. Porcelain is the most popular material for crowns because it looks very much like a natural tooth. Porcelain can also be customized to perfectly match the size, shape, and shade of the tooth that it covers. Dr. Seage and the gifted team at CONFIDENT have years of experience in providing and caring for crowns.

Why Are Porcelain Crowns Needed?

Porcelain crowns are needed for many different reasons. They are often used to conceal and strengthen broken or cracked teeth. After a root canal, a crown is often placed on the tooth to protect the remaining natural tooth beneath it. Crowns may be used to keep large fillings in place. Crowns are sometimes also used purely for cosmetic reasons, as they can perfect the appearance of the teeth.

What Is the Process for Getting a Porcelain Crown?

During the initial appointment, the dentist will take several impressions of the tooth that needs the crown, as well as the surrounding teeth. This mold will allow the dentist to create a short-term crown that will protect the tooth, while the permanent crown can be created in a dental fabrication facility. Once the new permanent crown is ready, the temporary crown will be removed, and the tooth will be cleaned to prepare it for the new crown. Using dental cement, the new crown will be placed. The dentist will then have the patient make a series of movements like opening and closing the mouth to verify a proper crown fit.

How Should Porcelain Crowns Be Cared for?

Porcelain crowns should be cared for just as natural teeth are cared for. Brushing, flossing, and yearly check-ups are all essential components of caring for porcelain crowns. This will allow for many years of use in most cases.

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