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Teeth whitening is the most popular of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures used today. CONFIDENT in Miami, Florida offers a highly effective dental-grade whitening system that can whiten the smile in only a couple of weeks.

Teeth Whitening Q & A


Why Is a Teeth Whitening System Needed?

There are many different things that can cause teeth discoloration. Normal wear and staining of the outer layer of the teeth over time can cause a gradual darkening. Some people have darkened teeth due to excess exposure to fluoride while their teeth were developing. Anyone who drinks coffee, tea, and dark-colored sodas may experience teeth staining. Smokers may end up with yellow or brown stains on their teeth. No matter what the reason for the teeth stains or discoloration, a teeth whitening system can help in most cases. The team at CONFIDENT provide expert whitening treatments to provide their patients with bright healthy smiles.

How Does a Teeth Whitening System Work?

A teeth whitening system is designed to whiten natural tooth enamel. At the first teeth whitening appointment, the dentist will take custom molds of a patient’s mouth so that fitted whitening trays can be made. At the second appointment, the patient will try on the trays to make sure that they fit precisely. If necessary, the dentist can make adjustments for a better fit at this time. The trays and a supply of whitening solution will then be given to the patient so that they can begin their whitening process at home.

How Long Is the Teeth Whitening System Used?

Most patients use the teeth whitening solution every day for about two weeks at home. Generally, the trays are filled with whitening solution and worn for around half an hour each day for that two-week period. Some patients, particularly those who need a higher degree of color correction, will wear the trays while they sleep every night instead. Once the treatment is complete, patients typically see a major whitening of the teeth. After the treatment period, the dentist and patient will evaluate the results together. If further whitening is desired, a second round of teeth whitening may be done in the future.

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